SR-22 in RCA ,XLR en SP versie

SR-22R, SR-22X - RCA and XLR models of pure silver ribbon interconnects.
SR-22 are very robust and flexible cables. Total cable diameter is 0.4". Because of very low impedance SR-22 has clear wide bandwidth which allows usage with the any types and models of preamps. All SR-22 interconnects have heavy outer shield which covers signal from RF and EMI. Static Protected version is also available.
SR-22 SP - the new version of pure silver ribbon interconnects. SR-22 are robust and flexible Static Protected cables with a total diameter of 0.4" constructed of pure silver ribbon interconnects. This cable is compatible with all types and models of preamps thanks to its clear wide bandwidth resulting from SR-22's very low impedance. SR-22 interconnects are equipped with a 19 AWG pure-silver ribbon return wire and heavy outer shield covering signals from RF and EMI.
It is well known that static electrical charges can build on the outer jacket of connector wires as a result of them touching charged surfaces (carpet, wooden floor, wall, hand). These static charges could not only detrimentally affect the sound quality, but also destroy expensive Hi-Fi equipment. Surge protectors that are commonly used to protect equipment are well suited for reducing impulse electrical interferences generated in current-conducting wires. However, these devices are not intended to (and can not) eliminate high-voltage charges on cable surfaces. To resolve this problem, the new model is equipped with a Static Dissipative Filler (proprietary product of ELCO Audio, Inc.) electrically connected to Ground/(Case) with static drain wire and ensuring immediate neutralization of forming charges.